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User experience (UX) is at the core of our business. As part of design, we provide insights into behaviour and help build meaningful experiences.

User Experience Services

In Depth Interviews

One-to-one interviews deliver deep insights into why users behave the way the do.

Cross Platform Testing

Test across any device; mobile, laptop, wearables, kiosks and large screen displays.

Contextual Research

Context is key to understanding drivers, constraints, and how people behave.

Remote Interviews

Test hard-to-reach audiences with remote research.

Expert Reviews

Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses with heuristic reviews.


Explore issues and create solutions as a team.

Remote research

Collaborate with users from around the country and the world.


UX and Observational research benefits

Reduce design and development inefficiencies 

Defining the requirements up front, avoiding re-work. User involvement improves decision making and help prioritisation and uncovers ~80% of unforeseen issues. Changes become expensive (or too late) to fix close to launch.

ROI gains are well documented

Customer loyalty, retention, engagement, satisfaction and intention to purchase are all critical. For example, eCommerce sites optimised for mobile see a 30% increase in sales, 50% decrease in bounce.

Hidden benefits of customer experience

Lower costs of customer acquisition, lower support costs, increased retention & market share – all of which makes for a healthier bottom line. 

Goals and metrics can be tracked

  • Performance: Number of errors, ease of use, ease of learning, traffic, return visitors
  • Exposure: New visitors, visits from search (SEO)
  • Credibility: User satisfaction, trust, referrals, dev costs, dev time, maintenance costs
  • Resource burden: Redesign costs, support costs, training needed, documentation costs
  • Sales: Increased transactions / purchases, product sales

Focus on customers can help business performance

The top 10 customer experience leaders outperform the S&P with close to triple the returns, at a cumulative total of +43%. The bottom 10 generated a negative cumulative total of -34% (Forrester research. Customer Experience Index ranking and Watermark Consulting)

Long history of building brands

Amazon funded customer experience over advertising 100:0 and continues to invest heavily on optimising user experience
Airbnb went from failure to $10B, which they attribute to user research: “When we started talking to our customers and seeing how the used our service, it was the defining moment of success that turned the company around” – Mike Gebbia, AirBnB

ROI of UCD is often hidden

Personas: Marketing personas are often based on ideal or future state – and may not be tangible for design or development.
Wireframing: Rapid prototyping can help provide more accurate estimates for build time and cost, reduce the requests for clarification and reduce rework and fixes.
Testing & observational research: makes the team smarter by improving decision making. Support or customer help is often required due to a lack of intuitive design.

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